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Creating the perfect

Creating the perfect place to call home Since 1928 we’ve created great places people are proud to call home. Whether you’re buying your first home, or your next one, here’s what you can expect from us. The highest build standards. Always. We use the latest materials and construction techniques to create homes that are built to last. We’re with you all the way. From your first visit to long after moving in, we’re here to give you all the support you need. We never forget it’s your home. From a great choice of kitchens and bathrooms to luxurious finishing touches, it’s easy to make your home yours. We’ll make the move more affordable. From Help to Buy to saving you money when you sell your home, moving costs less than you think with Keepmoat Homes.

VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP G710 G709 G711 G641 G640 G639 G710 G711 G709 G641 G640 G639 G708 G706 G707 G704 G705 G708 G706 G707 G709 G710 G711 G704 G705 G706 G708 G712 G712 G704 G705 G707 G750 G750 G712 G642 G642 G703 G703 G747 G748 G643 G643 G703 G749 G750 G713 G713 G713 G702 G714 G714 G644 G644 G702 G747 G702 G748 G749 G714 G645 G645 G747 G748 G749 G646 G646 G715 G716 G715 G715 G716 G647 G647 G701 G746 G745 G716 G648 G648 G701 G746 G745 G717 G649 G649 G717 G700 G700 G700 G701 G717 G699 G746 G718 G745 G718 G650 G650 G699 G718 G651 G651 G744 G744 G652 G698 G698 G744 G719 G719 G719 G652 G653 G697 G653 G697 G743 G720 G654 G655 G696 G696 G720 G743 G720 G743 G721 G721 G656 G654 G654 G695 G741 G657 G655 G742 G656 G655 G695 G721 G722 G656 G694 G657 G694 G694 G741 G657 G742 G722 G741 G742 G722 G693 G740 G739 G724 G693 G740 G739 G660 G659 G658 G724 G660 G659 G658 G693 G692 G692 G692 G691 G740 G739 G691 G738 G738 G723 G724 G658 G659 G690 G690 G738 G660 G723 G723 G661 G689 G661 G689 G725 G737 G688 G688 G725 G725 G737 G737 G662 G662 G726 G726 G687 G663 G663 G687 G735 G736 G686 G686 G686 G735 G736 G735 G736 G727 G729 G728 G664 G665 G664 G665 G685 G734 G733 G732 G685 G731 G730 G734 G666 G667 G666 G667 G685 G733 G732 G726 G727 G728 G684 G731 G730 G684 G683 G684 G683 G734 G733 G732 G683 G731 G730 G729 G668 G669 G668 G669 G682 G682 G680 G679 G678 G677 G676 G675 G674 G673 G682 G681 G668 G669 G670 G670 G670 G671 G671 G681 G680 G672 G671 G673 G681 G680 G679 G679 G678 G678 G680 G677 G676 G672 G676 G675 G675 G674 G674 G673 G672 SUB VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP VP C245 C162 C245 C242 C241 C240 C162 C239 C163 C164 C163 C242 C241 C240 C236 C235 C234 C233 C164 C245 C244 C239 C232 C236 C235 C234 C233 C232 C231 C244 C243 C231 C244 C242 C231 C331 C331 C246 C246 C241 C240 C239 C238 C165 C230 C165 C246 C237 C243 C243 C236 C230 C230 C166 C166 C212 C238 C238 C235 C334 C334 C212 C234 C233 C232 C229 C229 C214 C219 C219 C237 C237 C215 C229 C332 C216 C217 C333 C220 C220 C247 C212 C213 C332 C333 C248 C167 C218 C219 C222 C220 C223 C224 C225 C331 C221 C228 C332 C228 C168 C228 C333 C213 C227 C227 C334 C218 VP C226 C227 C249 C213 C214 C214 C215 C221 C215 C216 C216 C217 C217 C218 C225 VP C250 C226 C221 C330 C222 C222 C223 C223 C330 C169 C224 C224 C225 C226 VP C170 C328 C329 C330 C210 C209 C209 C208 C208 C207 C207 C206 C206 C205 C327 C251 C210 C202 C201 C201 C200 C200 C199 C199 C198 C198 C197 VP C252 C205 C202 C326 C327 C327 C328 C328 C329 C329 C171 C197 C172 C211 C210 C326 C326 C205 C204 C253 C211 C211 C209 C208 C207 C206 C203 C202 C325 C177 C178 C178 C204 C204 C196 C203 C201 C195 C173 C174 C176 C203 C183 C183 C200 C324 C199 C197 VP C177 C178 C184 C184 C196 C195 C174 C179 C180 C198 C181 C182 VP C175 C183 C184 C196 C176 C185 C186 C175 VP C179 C187 C195 C180 C176 C181 C182 C188 C194 C321 C322 C323 C189 C190 C194 C179 C180 C194 C321 C321 C322 C322 C323 C323 C324 C324 C325 C325 C181 C182 C191 C317 C193 C318 C185 C193 C319 C185 C192 C320 C186 C186 C187 C187 C193 C188 C188 C189 C320 C254 C189 C192 C190 C317 C190 C191 C317 C191 C318 C192 C318 C320 C254 C319 C319 C273 C274 C275 C273 C275 C316 C316 C254 C255 C274 C276 C276 C315 C315 C272 C277 C314 C278 C314 C255 C255 C273 C277 C256 C272 C278 C256 C272 C256 C313 C257 C271 C274 C316 C313 C270 C269 C275 C271 C276 C278 C277 C279 C315 C314 C279 C270 C279 C313 C280 C280 VP C280 C312 VP C269 C312 C257 C258 C281 C310 C311 C312 C268 C281 C260 C282 C281 C267 C282 C282 VP C309 C267 C259 C262 VP C261 C283 C259 C262 C268 C266 C307 C308 C308 C309 C309 C310 C310 C311 C311 C261 C283 VP C307 C307 C261 C283 C262 C284 C284 C306 C263 C264 C284 C306 C264 C263 C265 C266 C305 C306 C285 C305 C288 C289 C288 C289 C265 C304 C285 C304 C305 C304 C285 C290 C290 C291 C291 C286 C294 C286 C286 C292 C292 C293 C293 C294 C303 C288 C287 C289 C287 C302 C295 C295 C287 C302 C303 C303 C290 C291 C301 C292 C301 C302 C293 C294 C295 C296 C300 C296 C300 C301 C300 VP C296 C297 C298 VP C297 C299 C298 C297 C298 C299 C299 Kingfields Park - Kesteven Way, Hull, HU7 3HJ The Coach House 2 bedroom home The Chatsworth 2 bedroom home The Halstead 2 bedroom home The Lincoln 2 bedroom home The Kendal 3 bedroom home The Edinburgh 3 bedroom home The Bailey 3 bedroom home The Warwick 3 bedroom home The Windsor 3 bedroom home The Berkley 3 bedroom home The Bamburgh 3 bedroom home The Gibraltar 3 bedroom home The Oakley 4 bedroom home Affordable Homes Wawne Park G639 G640 G641 Other Developer Other Developer Richmond Lane G699 G698 G697 G696 G695 G642 G643 G644 G645 G646 G647 G648 G649 G650 G651 G652 G653 Kesteven Way G691 G690 G689 G688 G687 G661 G662 G663 G664 G665 G666 G667 Other Developer Public Open Space Playing Field Primary School Other Developer C167 C168 C169 C170 C171 C172 C173 C174 C175 C162 C163 C164 C165 C166 C167 C168 C169 C170 C171 C172 C173 C247 C248 C249 C250 C251 C252 C253 C247 C248 C249 C250 C251 C252 C253 C177 Wawne Village Other Developer Local Centre C258 C259 C260 Wawne Road N Kingswood Retail Park Nursery Sales Information Centre G658 - G660 Show Home G658 - G660 Please Note: This site plan is only a guide to the above development. It does not bind or imply that the layout will be as indicated. Please see our Home Sales Executive for full specification and plot details at this development. T2 3706 Kingfields Park. Revision Date: 07.03.18 Rev No: 08