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Keepmoat Annual Report 2020

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Keepmoat has released its Group financial results for the year ending 31 October 2020.


OUR ESSENTIALS Our Essentials SAFETY QUALTY CUSTOMERS PEOPLE SUSTAINABILITY Our Essentials are the five basic building blocks of our business. Safety: Quality: Customer: People: Sustainability: The safety of people, partners and communities is at the heart of everything we do We work to exceed our stakeholders’ expectations of our service, product and delivery. We focus on delighting our customers. Our people are the heart of our business, providing a service we are proud of. We protect the environment, act ethically and leave a positive legacy. 28 KEEPMOAT.COM

STRATEGIC REPORT Making the most of our strengths Keepmoat’s existing strengths support our growth ambitions: National scale, local understanding Keepmoat has successfully grown into a large national business with deep local roots and we intend to maintain that national and local approach. Develop our comprehensive offer We have a broad set of skills ranging from developing partnerships, establishing supply chains, building new homes of all tenures and supporting large-scale, housingled community regeneration schemes. Organic growth In the next five years we intend to increase the number of new homes we build for sale or rent and continue to make a significant contribution to meeting the country’s housing needs. Market and sector expansion The need for more housing means we can bring our distinct approach to new markets: • Grow our core: Our core markets will remain first time buyer homes, and we will continue to work in partnership with local authorities and housing associations. We will continue to build our presence in this market. • Enter new geographies: We continue to expand our offer into Scotland, the South West and South of England, where we have historically had little presence. • Enter new sectors: We will enter new markets, so more housing opportunities will be created. We are expanding our home offer by introducing offsite manufacturing into our developments and are creating partnerships with financial organisations combined with our skills and capabilities to create new homes in the private rental sector. Leveraging our scale We have grown mostly by financing and delivering medium sized housing programmes, whether homes for sale or new build for rent. Now, our national scale and financial strength together with the breadth of our experience and depth of our skills and capabilities, means we are delivering a greater number of larger programmes and partnerships as the core part of our business. Shape more partnerships At the heart of our growth will be deeper and broader partnerships with existing and new partners. That requires us to understand partners’ challenges and objectives and develop ways to help them meet their goals whether economic - growth; social - tackling deprivation, improving health; environmental - reducing carbon consumption; financial - reducing operating costs; operational - improving customer service; or strategic - developing their housing portfolios. Efficiency and effectiveness As we grow bigger, we risk becoming less agile. Through our model of regional autonomy, we want the best of both worlds - being local and agile, almost like a small business can be. But we also want the benefits of being a large business such as professional rigour, quality, efficiency and effectiveness in winning and delivering work. That means we share what works well and avoid duplication and unnecessary costs, as our customers expect. Building our brand To build more homes we will need more people to choose to work for us as colleagues or with us as suppliers and partners. That means we need to be better understood. Our audiences need to know what we do, how we do it and why we are both different, and better, than the competition. We are continuing to build our profile with our partners and across the industry, improving brand position with customers as a 5-star builder. ANNUAL REPORT & FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 2020 29