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Keepmoat Annual Report 2020

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Keepmoat has released its Group financial results for the year ending 31 October 2020.


OUTSTANDING BUILD QUALITY Outstanding build quality A first-class construction process is vital to our business and to this end we have introduced several new initiatives to bring about improvements. We have reviewed our key build stage inspection procedure and now have a formal inspection and sign off process that allows us to benchmark our build quality. 32 KEEPMOAT.COM

STRATEGIC REPORT Alongside this we have produced a series of best practice guides for our site teams to ensure that our homes meet the required standard and comply with our detailed trade specification. This inspection procedure is in addition to the formal inspections carried out by building control and the warranty provider. We recognise that having the right people and teams on site and supporting them in their roles is key to a successful business. We have introduced a site management development programme which will take all new site-based employees through a series of training workshops to give them the detailed knowledge around programming, quality and cost control that they need to deliver a successful site. This programme is delivered by our senior managers and includes formal training on building regulations and defect prevention delivered by external providers to ensure our teams are kept up to date with the latest regulations. Following the initial success of the programme we are now expanding it to include all our existing site-based teams, which will act as a refresher and ensure a consistent approach across all our developments. As we move into 2021, we are also rolling out development programmes for our Contracts Managers and we are introducing an Assistant Site Manager Apprenticeship. Sustainability by design We strive to innovate and develop our designs to suit the requirements of all our customers including first-time buyers, families, social housing partners, supported housing providers, and the elderly by including enhanced mobility standards which support the needs of both able-bodied and disabled people. All our developments will benefit from 1 Gigabit day one broadband connectivity. A key element of our Corporate Sustainability Strategy is our commitment to building affordable low carbon homes and to delivering homes that meet the gas free Future Homes Standard and Zero carbon standards. A detailed roadmap is being developed to support our approach to delivering homes that meet the Future Homes standard. In addition, creating flexible, adaptable spaces will balance improved fabric performance and prevent overheating with reduced energy waste and the integration of renewable energy solutions supported with smart energy 12% of all completions are in timber frames. controls. Key to any low carbon solution will be the reduction in home running costs, essential in addressing fuel poverty. We are focused on reducing the carbon footprint of the homes we build, including working with our supply chain to reduce the carbon footprint of the materials we use, as well as reducing water usage and waste. The use of timber frame construction, which accounted for 12% of homes completed during the year (2019: 12%), and the integration of our digital designs will increase our ability to use offsite manufactured components. Developing our building methods will help to address the skills shortage facing the industry, while supporting the continued use of local labour, enhancing build quality and increasing efficiency and rate of delivery. Modern Methods of Construction Customer satisfaction, quality and safety are our priorities and the development of our range to the newly approved enhanced digital format will further support improved efficiency, waste reduction and collaboration with our third party designers. The range accounted for 85% of all homes delivered in the year 2020. The new digital models have been further developed with a focus on enabling flexible elevation treatments to be created from standard components to facilitate bespoke street scene creation in response to local design codes, within a development. ANNUAL REPORT & FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 2020 33