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Keepmoat Annual Report 2020

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Keepmoat has released its Group financial results for the year ending 31 October 2020.


SUSTAINABILITY Corporate sustainability Our commitment to Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 Keepmoat aims to be a company that is attractive to investors, delivers high-quality new homes for its customers at prices they can afford, builds long-term relationships with its partners and that is the employer of choice in the home-building industry. This requires the Board, senior leadership and all our people to maintain an approach to strategic, financial and operational decision-making that is values-based, collaborative and sustainable and therefore aligned to the requirements and expectations of Section 172. Across Keepmoat’s sites there was; 11% reduction in the number of environmental incidents. 279% increase in the reporting of environmental hazards. 42 KEEPMOAT.COM

STRATEGIC REPORT As required by Section 172 (s172) of the Companies Act 2006 (“the Act”), a director of a company must act in the way they consider, in good faith, would most likely promote the success of the company for the benefit of its shareholders. In so doing, the director must have regards, amongst other matters, to the: • likely consequences of any decision in the long term; • interests of the company’s employees; • need to foster the company’s business relationships with suppliers, customers and others; • impact of the company’s actions on the community and environment; • desirability of the company maintaining a reputation for high standards of business conduct; and • need to act fairly between members of the Company. Each of the directors acknowledges their responsibility to promote the success of the company for its shareholders having regard for the interests of other stakeholders in the group and the wider community. The following table identifies where in this annual report the Board has considered our stakeholders in key decision-making in compliance with s172 of the Act: Environment management and performance Keepmoat Homes operations are certified to our ISO 14001:2015 management system, ensuring contemporary systems and effective controls are in place for all environmental risks and opportunities. In the last year we have reduced the number of environmental incidents on Keepmoat sites by 11%, while increasing the reporting of environmental hazards by 279%. This has been achieved through: • The enhancement of environmental controls in construction management systems and contractor trade specifications, helping to ensure that our environmental standards are consistently implemented across all operations • In the context of the pandemic, the development and delivery of online environmental training, including briefings for management teams and 20-minute environmental modules for construction teams • Refinement of the Health, Safety and Sustainability assurance regime to ensure that environmental hazards identified receive appropriate focus. Partners Employees Suppliers Customers Environment Community Chairman’s Statement (p7), Chief Executive’s Strategic report (p8-25), Making the most of our strengths (p28-29) Chief Executive’s Strategic report (p8-25), Making the most of our strengths (p28-29) Chief Executive’s Strategic report (p8-25), Making the most of our strengths (p28-29) Chairman’s Statement (p7), Chief Executive’s Strategic report (p8-25) Corporate sustainability (p42-47) Chief Executive’s Strategic report (p8-25), Corporate sustainability (p42-47) Affordable low carbon homes During 2020 we have started implementing low carbon technology and materials that facilitate comfortable and affordable low carbon lifestyles on a larger scale, supporting our partners climate change commitments and helping customers reduced their carbon footprint. Our approach focusses on green features across all scales from individual homes to landscape interventions. Two great examples of this progressive approach in the South West are: ANNUAL REPORT & FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 2020 43