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Keepmoat Homes Homeowner Manual

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A handy homeowner manual for Keepmoat Homes customers.


17 WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME 18 THE KITCHEN Your new kitchen is ready and waiting for you. But, before you start cooking up a storm, take a few minutes to find out a little more about it. Switches Above the kitchen worktop, you’ll notice a grid switch. This controls the sockets below the worktops. They are labelled so you know what each is for. Water stop tap Your water stop tap is found under your kitchen sink* ‐ its the big, blue lever. If you ever have a leak you can’t contain, use this to turn the water off, then call our Customer Care team or if it's out of hours, call the emergency phone number. Your appliances Your appliances, including any you’ve chosen through our options and extras, will be installed and ready to use when you move in. You’ll be given the manuals for each appliance. Remember to register your warranties for each as they are handled by the manufacturer, not us. Doors Over time, the doors on your kitchen units may need adjusting. This can be done easily by adjusting the screws on the hinge. Oven Before you cook in your new oven, it’s important to give it a dry run. Make sure all the packaging is removed and turn the oven on at a high heat setting for about 30 minutes. It’s normal for it to smell a little, so we recommend you turn on the extractor fan, open the window and close the door. Oven hood and extractor fan Turn your extractor fan on when you’re cooking to reduce excess moisture and prevent condensation. The extractor fan has three speed settings, filters and a handy light. The bulbs can be easily replaced if they stop working. Hob The hob will be gas or electric depending on your options. A gas hob has a safety feature that cuts off the gas after 10‐15 seconds if the flame blows out. Electric hobs are touch‐sensitive and have a lock option for cleaning and safety. Cleaning Avoid using anything abrasive to clean stainless steel surfaces or electric hobs as they could scratch, and this won’t be covered by your warranty. TIP: Reduce condensation by covering pans to reduce steam, using your extractor hood and keeping the kitchen well ventilated when cooking. *Location of water stop tap may vary based on housetype. Also, avoid putting oils, fats or food down your kitchen sink as they can cause blockages and smells over time. Instead, soak up oils and fats with kitchen roll and put it in a bin.