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Keepmoat Homes Homeowner Manual

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A handy homeowner manual for Keepmoat Homes customers.


19 WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME 20 BATHROOM & EN SUITES Our bathrooms are finished to a high spec with baths, showers and sanitary ware from the most respected brands. Here’s some handy information on one of the busiest rooms in the house. TIP: Condensation can build up quickly in the bathroom. Remember to use the extractor fan and keep the room well ventilated. Toilets To help minimise unnecessary water use, all the toilets within your home have a dual flush option. Please only put toilet paper down the toilet ‐ nappies, wipes, kitchen roll and sanitary items can cause blockages, both within your own home and the main drains of the development. Water temperature For your safety, the temperature of the bathwater is restricted using a blending valve which is located under the bath. This valve will automatically mix hot and cold water to stop scalding. Showers also have temperature restrictors – a little red clip on the temperature control side of the shower bar which you slide to change the temperature. Extractor fans Extractor fans should be on when showering and bathing. If your bathroom has a window there will be a switch next to the light switch. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, your extractor fan will come on with the light and will overrun for 15 minutes when switched off. There will be an additional switch located over the door when going into your bathroom, this should only be used to isolate the power supply fan for any maintenance purposes. Cleaning Please avoid using anything abrasive to clean chrome taps or plugs as they could tarnish. We’d advise cleaning the grout between tiles with soapy water or bleach to prevent dirt or mould build‐up.