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Keepmoat Homes Homeowner Manual

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A handy homeowner manual for Keepmoat Homes customers.


31 WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME 32 LOFT SPACE Your loft has one very important job to do ‐ keep the heat in your home. We know the loft might look like a great place to store things, but please don’t. It’s not been designed to hold any weight apart from the roof itself. If you do, you might cause problems with your roof and ceiling. You could void your warranty too. Note: that if your house has a ‘room in the roof’ (i.e. one with sloping walls that form part of the roof) you will have no loftspace, however there will be alternative storage, typically access to an eaves cupboard. If you do need to venture up in the loft, here’s what you’ll find. TV coaxial Your TV coaxial cable is in the loft (or eaves cupboard for room in the roof types), just around the hatch. You’ll need an aerial connecting to it to get Freeview TV. Lots of insulation To make sure your home stays nice and warm, there is thick insulation in your roof space. Please don’t move or worse still, remove this, as it’s a vital part of your home’s energy‐saving insulation. Condensation in your loft The roof space is designed to keep heat in your home. When you open the loft hatch, cold air can mix with the warm air in your home and create condensation on the lining of the roof, this is normal but it can be reduced. The loft needs to have free flowing air to avoid condensation. To do this we ask you not to store anything in the loft as this directly affects the flow of the circulation of air. We’d also advise that the loft hatch is not left open for long periods of time. Worth noting: Boarding up your loft space and using it as a storage area may void your warranty.