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Keepmoat Homes Homeowner Manual

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A handy homeowner manual for Keepmoat Homes customers.


39 WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME 40 HOME SAFETY We take your safety seriously. Whether that’s staying safe in your home or in and around the development. Safety in the home We don’t want to tell you how to suck eggs. But here are a few scenarios where it’s worth taking a little extra care. Hanging pictures and mirrors Your home has a combination of solid and stud walls. During your home demonstration, you may have been told which is which. You can fix to both but will need different fixing devices. To avoid any costly mistakes, we advise that before fixing anything to your wall, you read your NHBC Guide to Your New Home booklet. It’s also worth buying a detector online or from a DIY store as this will make it easy to check for any pipework or cables in the wall. If in doubt, employ a suitable tradesperson. Working at height Whether you’re cleaning the windows or checking the guttering, falls from height ‐ even less than 2m ‐ can cause serious injuries. Please take care when using ladders and stepladders. Make sure your ladder is placed securely on level ground and, if possible, have an adult hold the base for you. And, if in doubt, call in a professional. Gas or electric alterations DO NOT make any alteration to gas or electrical installations – by law a suitable qualified person must carry out this type of work. Regular maintenance and servicing of heating systems and appliances in accordance with manufacturers’ guidance is essential. Roof space Remember, there is no flooring in your roof space as it shouldn’t be used for storage. The hatch is there to make inspecting the roof space easier. If you do need to go up there, disturbing the insulation will create dust. So, to avoid irritation, we recommend you wear a mask over your mouth and nose.

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