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Keepmoat Homes Homeowner Manual

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A handy homeowner manual for Keepmoat Homes customers.


45 WELCOME TO YOUR NEW HOME 46 LIVING WITH CONSTRUCTION The chances are, especially if you buy your home when the development is new, you’ll experience some construction work near your home. We’ll always provide you with unrestricted and safe access to your new home at all times. If on the rare occasion we are planning to carry out significant construction works which may disrupt access to your home, we will let you know in advance and do everything possible to minimise disruption. Our construction teams have your safety as their number one priority. It’s worth remembering the rules to make sure you stay safe. Please don’t enter fenced off areas. These are for our construction teams only and public access is not permitted. Watch out for construction vehicles moving around the development. They will be looking out for you and driving very slowly. But it’s worth keeping your eyes out for them too. Please stick to the development speed limit. This is to protect everyone on the development, including our construction teams. Make children aware of the dangers. Construction areas make attractive play areas for some children. If you have children, please make sure they do not enter the construction area and that they are aware of the dangers on a building site. Take care when moving around the development. Uneven path and road surfaces, mud and active construction areas mean extra care needs to be taken when moving around the development. Especially when the weather is bad. Building new homes creates dirt, dust and noise. And while this can’t be helped, we promise to do our best to keep our developments as clean and tidy as possible. We constantly monitor the condition of our developments and take action to keep mess and disruption to a minimum.