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NorthBridge Brochure

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08 SITE PLAN The Argyle

08 SITE PLAN The Argyle 1 bedroom apartment The Berkeley 2 bedroom apartment The Ingram 2 bedroom apartment The Montrose 2 bedroom apartment The Waterloo 2 bedroom apartment The Burrell 2 bedroom home The Holmwood 3 bedroom home The Horden 3 bedroom home The Kelvingrove 3 bedroom home The Kingston 3 bedroom home The MacKintosh 3 bedroom home The Mitchell 3 bedroom home The Templeton 4 bedroom home The Tolbooth 4 bedroom home The Wellington 5 bedroom home Mid Market Homes WELCOME LOCATION TRAVEL LINKS SITE PLAN MAKE IT YOUR OWN SPECIFICATION YOUR BUYING GUIDE 30,000 HOMES & COUNTING

Please Note: This site plan is only a guide to the above development. It does not bind or imply that the layout will be as indicated. Please see our Sales Executive for full specification and plot details at this development. 09