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Keepmoat Homes – The

Keepmoat Homes – The Mallards FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS CONT. HOW QUICKLY CAN I PERSONALISE MY HOME? The day you move in. Steel frame homes are precision-engineered indoors with no weather issues and no wet trades used. They are decorated and ‘wrapped’ once finished until delivery, so there is no drying time. So the day you move in you can personalise your decor. 20

St Mary’s Road, Swanley CAN I ATTACH FIXTURES TO THE EXTERIOR WALLS? Steel frame homes are wrapped externally with a high level of insulation and finished with thin bricks (known as brick slip) and/or render. As the external insulation is not designed to act as a support for fixings, we do not recommend anything is fitted externally by way of drilling or screwing into the exterior. Such as, washing lines and hanging baskets. Your Sales Executive can advise on alternative fixings. All homes are fitted with a fibre optic connection to allow Sky TV, FreeView, FM & DAB radio. CAN I HANG PICTURES & TVs DIRECTLY ONTO INTERNAL WALLS? Yes, lightweight fixtures such as pictures can be secured directly to the walls, by using a suitable fixing – just like a traditional new-build home. Heavyweight fixtures such as TVs can be securely and safely fixed into vertical steel studs – located with a stud detector tool. CAN THE LOFT BE USED FOR STORAGE, OR CONVERTED FOR LIVING SPACE? Consideration of loft conversions would require specialist advice from a steel construction institute (SCI) registered structural engineer as the frame is not currently constructed for this. The roof void is also highly insulated and has not been designed for any storage. CAN MY HOME BE EXTENDED, FOR EXAMPLE, BY ADDING A CONSERVATORY? Yes. The same process applies as it would for a typical new build home. If you are considering work that involves removing or modifying structural elements of the home you would need to consult a steel construction institute (SCI) registered structural engineer. Planning permission may also be required. 21